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SINCE started working on Mail Art Projects, I met friends and artists all over the world. Mail Art Artists have produced very special and unique art pieces.  In April 2006 (8 April - 8 May 2006) , I had my 12th Solo Exhibition at one of the well known art galleries in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 50 pieces of paintings on canvas from the 'Foundation Series' exhibited at the exhibition. "INVITED MAIL ARTISTS EXHIBITION is in conjuction of Suzlee's 12th Solo Art Exhibition, the exhibition was VERY SUCCESSFULL.

In appreciation to Mail Art Artists, I  again WILL spared a corner (INVITED MAIL ARTISTS CORNER) and invite all Mail Art Artists from all over the world to contribute for this event. 'INVITED MAIL ARTISTS 2'

Size: Entries should be on A4 or A3 size paper / canvas

Medium: Free.

Amount of entry: Maximum 5 artworks from each artist.

Deadline: 15 SEPTEMBER , 2006 (1st phase)

No jury, no fee, no return work, On line documentation & Printed documentation for all participants. Participants must clearly write your title of work, name, address and e-mail at the back of each work.
more info:


please mail to:-




Anyone can issue a mailart call,

JUST email your call to:-


LISTS / MAIL ART CALL 2006 / 2007

"Our Police / Prevent Crime."
Once a year in the district of Wedding, in Berlin, Germany, artists organize and hold a mailart (art associated with postage stamps, envelopes, postcards, etc.) exhibition. The Wedding district is one of the poorest in Berlin. High unemployment and poor average family incomes often make life difficult for our neighbors in Wedding.  However, Wedding's citizens have begun grassroots initiatives to build a safer, more caring community.

Crime Prevention is one of our main goals, and building a good relationship between the residents of Wedding and our local police is another major goal. We want to show Wedding's policemen and policewomen that we care about them, and that we appreciate their work.  That is the reason we have organized this year's mailart exhibition.  Children will draw pictures, and artists from around the world will create and send their works.  We would be very pleased if artists from around the world would show their solidarity with the people and police officers of Wedding. Here is our request:

Please send us your piece of mailart or anything else related to your station's police work.
All entries will be on public display at Osterkirche (the Easter Church) Samostrasse 4, 13353 Berlin, Germany for three months starting on Saturday October 28, 2006.
Deadline for entries: Sunday October 15, 2006.
Documentation (in black and white) of the exhibit will be sent to every police agency/participant which participates, with the theme: "Our Police / Prevent Crime."
All received items will be given to "Polizeihistorische Sammlung Berlin" (Police Museum) after the exhibition has ended.
more info:

Send all mail to:

Uwe Bressem
Nordufer 14
13353 Berlin


Theme: Free
Format: Free
Technique: Free
Size: Post Card-A4 (21x29.7)
No Return
: Nov 29-Dec 5, 2006 at ITAMI CITY GALLERY
Deadline: November 11, 2006

Secretariat [BUT]
Ogino Itami -Shi 2-20-3
664-0002 JAPAN


Mailmania 2 
2nd Biennial: An open call for submissions for an upcoming exhibition of all forms of mailart. Post Cards, ATCs, Artistamps, envelopes, or whatever makes it through the post. Exhibition Space; The Victoria College of Art ( now the new ATC headquarters) 1625 Bank Street, Victoria, BC, V8R 4V5

Deadline; September 4, 2006 Show Opening:  September 22, 2006
E-mail for info:


No returns Electronic documentation to return email addresses. Documentation to all

Dale Roberts
Studio J-1324 Broad Street

Victoria, BC
V8W 2A9


The Moon
Source of daydream, omnipresent, eternal...
I await your works of art.
all formats, all techniques.
Deadline July 10, 2006

street of Bedennes 311
4032 Chęnée


2nd Annual mailart project
With Celebration and Prevention as our guiding words, Foothill College invites you to send a "postcard" with your thoughts, hopes, poems, collage, or photo for exhibit on our campus during Breast Cancer Awareness month. With the goals of both education and inspiration, we want pieces of any size or shape that encourages self-exams, healthful lifestyles and honors people who have faced the challenge of this disease.

All artworks will be posted on line:

Artworks will not be returned.
Participants will receive mailart in return, and documentation with names and addresses of all the other participants.
Please include postal and email addresses for the documentation.
Two pieces will be chosen for the announcement of the exhibit and reproduced. Chosen artists will receive 50 copies of the announcement.
Submission deadline ... July 15, 2006
Public Reception ... To be announced in October 2006
Faculty Advisor ... Kate Jordahl
Coordinators ... Pati Bristow, Dora Grinnell, Liz Crandall.
more info:

Breast Cancer Awareness
Foothill College

El Monte Rd.
Los Altos Hills, CA  94024


subconcious art
calling all day dreamers and sleepers, im doing an art piece on subconciousness, what ever you think of whilst you will yor days on with the odd day dream, take not of what you dreamt and make an impression of what you saw and why you think you saw it, no matter of horrible, pleasent, sleazy and romantic.
Deadline: July 25, 2006

Mr T Carpenter
Coach House Old Park

Devizes Wiltshire. SN10 5JR
United Kingdom


[in relation to: "water in a terrible state".]
In March 2006, Baudoin 'Pig Dada' Simon was definitely gone with the current water. With the help of some friends, he will be the posthumous curator of a project that was close to his heart, with the assistance of Luxembourg Province + Miroir Vagabond.
technique: free
Size: free
Documentation to all
Deadline: July 25, 2006

Jacques Jaminon
Académie Internationale des Nutons
Engreux, 64
B 6663 Houffalize


365 Openings...Mail Art Call
Museo {i}menos Official Innauguration

ATTN: Please forward and pass on to artists/residents residing outside of The Rio Grande Valley, TX and the Frontera Tamaulipas
Deadline for 365 Openings... Mail Art Submission is JULY 28, 2006
Museo {i}menos is launching a mail art call for its official inauguration on AUGUST 8th, 2006 from the geographic center of the
Rio Grande Valley and the bordering Frontera Tamaulipas with its first opening entitled 365 Openings... In which artists from outside the Rio Grande Valley and the Frontera Tamaulipas (this could be you) send their art in the mail in exchange for mail art from the Rio Grande Valley & the Frontera Tamaulipas.
The swap takes place at the inauguration in which attendees from the RGV & the FRONT. TAMPS can take the work that very night! This will be an art exhibit that truly belongs to the people. It is a globalization from below.
The goal of this exhibit is to expose artists/residents of the RGV and the FRONT. TAMPS to mail art and create a mail art /culture network between this area and the rest of the world for future collaboration.
As is the case with mail art no juries, no fees, no returns, no social control!
*Museo {i}menos *is a different kind of museum without walls, formal attire or admission fees. We pop up wherever we can and even in some places that we can not. *Museo {i}menos* is a work of art. We are an independent arts museum currently developing mail art and stencil art events, collections and workshops (but many more independent arts exist and need to be included).
Our goal is to make art public and the only real way to do that is to have the public produce its own art. It is only through active participation that art becomes truly public.
more info

Para los que hacen mas con menos!
René Z. Garza

365 Openings...
Museo {i}menos
623 S. Indiana Ave.
Weslaco, TX 78596


CD Post Cards
The mail art must use a Compact Disc as the base of the post card.
I will post photos of all items mailed to me on my blog and send you something cool in return!

For my project please send me only CD postcards that deal with any technique.
Deadline:  July 31, 2006
more info:

PO Box 46035
Eden Prairie, MN 55344


It is spring in Victoria! Send me collage, pictures, drawings, stencils, sculptures etc of flowers - ugly or beautiful.
for details and docs
For my project please send me any medium that deal with any technique.
Deadline: July 31, 2006
more info:

Kala Vilches
2338 Howard Street
Victoria, BC, V8R 4K7


Just Imagine.../ a world without Cancer
I am organizing an exhibit and silent auction to benefit Cancer Research.
All artists from around the world are asked to donate a postcard sized piece of artwork, approximately 4 x 6".
Our theme is "Just Imagine".
Please get involved in this project! This exhibit apart from being fun is also to help raise funds for Cancer Research. Cancer has touched everyone in some way perhaps a family member, a friend or a co-worker. So please mail in your work! Please tell your artist friends!
There will be no jury, no fees and no return of artwork -
All received postcards will be displayed on this website and viewed by approximately 3,000 visitors during the 2006 Deer Trail Studio Tour weekend. (September 30th & October 1st, 2006).
In addition to proceeds from the silent auction, a donation box will also be set up so Studio Tour visitors can contribute, and all will be donated to the Terry Fox Cancer Research Fund.
For more information about the Exhibit and to see art received to date - please visit our website at:

Deadline:  July 31, 2006
more info:

Just Imagine Postcard Exhibit
44 Albert Street
Elliot Lake, Ontario
Canada P5A 2Y8


I SAW magazine invites you to send your interpretation (graphical, poetry, etc.) on the theme. Weather and chemicals that balance the ecosystem of the planet and that all the beings which coexist here, are comprised of a chain.  We are interdependent and WATER is one of those elements which we all need to fulfill our lives. Without potable water due to the overpopulation, we run the risk of being forced away.  Exaggerated consumption, waste and contamination are exhausting our natural resources. Today, these realities are certain, but it is not disclosed to us that the administration of the natural resources - among them the water, is in the hands of the great multinational companies that direct the destinies of the planet. Neither is it reported that daily they are extracting millions of liters of deep potable water and dumping it into contaminated streams and rivers, clear cutting forests, and contributing to military actions in some regions when it suits their interests. We need to stop the necessary elements for life from being transformed into a BUSINESS. In Argentina, like in many other countries of the world, the water no longer belongs to those who have inhabited this ground for centuries.  It has been bought by the multinationals. Argentine waters are not Argentine. Companies like Nestlé, Danone, Cocaine Tail, among others, are taking care of the management of the potable water and the mineral water in all the planet, which, of course, offers numerous gains them. We must demand access to the natural resources to assure our right to the life, shared in common with the other living beings and species that populate the planet and with the future generations. The management of the water must be placed in the hands of each one of us and if we work individually and collectively we will be able to build this utopia.

Size: maximum A4 (21 cm x 30 cm)
Please include name of the artist, address and email on the back of your work.
Deadline August 1, 2006

Billinghurst 1872
piso 5 - depto 20
C1425 dtk.
Buenos Aires


Technique & Medium Free
Size bidimensional: 21x29.7 cm, Thickness Max 5mm
No return
New deadline: August 1, 2006

Éric Coraboeuf
12, rue de Rambouillet
75012 Paris


Patron Saints 
Choose a saint or create your own.
All participants will recieve a piece of art on the same theme.
Limit size of work to a standard postcard.
All work will eventually be part of an online gallery.
For my project please send me any medium that deal with any technique.    
Deadline: August 1, 2006
more info:

origami erratikka
1604 Fredrikstad


No More Violence Against Women  
The Tucumán Group, Amnesty International Argentina has organized a mail art project and invites you to participate in an awareness through art, reflecting on the rights of the woman by making an emphasis in the campaign "No More Violence Against Women". The objective of this project is to reach the greatest number of countries possible and to create documentation on the website of the received works. This global call makes possible the interaction between different social groups with a common interest, that will be reflected in an array of artistic production in the mail art. The call is open to different artistic techniques including: PAINTING, DRAWING, NARRATIVE, POETRY, ENGRAVING, PHOTOGRAPHY, COLLAGE, PRINTS.
Deadline:  WE WILL RECEIVE WORKS UNTIL August 1, 2006.
No judgment.
No sales.
Objective: to bring together the greatest number of senders, around a project of communication without barriers. That the sent works are a contribution to the fight to eradicate all the forms of violence against women.
Measurement 15 X 30 cm approximately. Please enclose additional data about the artist with the mail art: full name, address, email address, etc. Documentation of the exhibitions will be sent by email.  The works will not be given back and will be combined with a 2nd mail art call from the Tucumán Group. If you would like to help defend Human rights, Unite with us!
more info:

Grupo Tucumán de Amnistía Internacional Argentina
Córdoba 52 (Taller Ayesa)
San Miguel de Tucumán - Tucumán
Argentina  CP 4000


theme TAROT
free size
no return
no fee, no jury
exhibition in San Demetrio Corone, Cosenza, Italy
doc. online
Deadline AUGUST 10, 2006
all works must be sent by post with postage stamps
In August 2006, the Guzzardi Studio will show its fascinating and very rich Tarot collection. Many artists interpreted them in different ways.
Exhibition will be in San Demetrio Corone, Cosenza, Italy; it is a charming place of Arbëreshë rite (Greek-Byzantine rite). Exhibition will take place in the wonderful Byzantine-Norman Church dedicated to Saint Adrian, built in 995 by da Nilo Maleno di Rossano, named after San Nilo di Bisognano. It is also a very interesting example of Romanesque-Latin Architecture in Calabria, Italy.
International Mail Art Archive organizes its Third International Exhibition (1600 works and more) and Tarot Mail Art project.
All mail art works will be show online in:
and in: Saint Adrian Church together with Guzzardi Tarot collection
If you have not yet been included on the website at:
include with your artwork some biography, a photo of your face, address or e-mail address and all documentation you desire to have on your free web-page
Art Director
Claudio Grandinetti
Member of the Staff of Studio Guzzardi and Archivio Internazionale Mail Art, Ce.Ri.S. Cosenza, Italia

Archivio Internazionale Mail Art
c/o Claudio Grandinetti
Viale della Repubblica, 124/d
87100 Cosenza


1st International SpanishFlu Mail Art Biennial
Miskolc, Ifjúsági és Szabadidő Ház, October 2006
The SpanishFlu @rt webroom
, the Hungarian Post Co., the Hungarian Electrographic Society, the Department of Economics and International Affairs at the University of Debrecen present the 1st International SpanishFlu Mail Art Biennial entitled R_EVOLUTION on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution and War of Independence. This exhibition starts the first element of a three-part biennial that is organized in the framework of a project called 'The cultural webroom of Europe 2010'. The collection of the biennial will be seen in Miskolc, Gyöngyös, Budapest and Debrecen (Hungary) in 2006, and in Nagyvárad and Nagybánya (Romania) in 2007.We would be honored to see you among the participants of the exhibition.
The exhibition is exclusively held for works of the theme concerned, created for this occasion and sent by conventional post.All the art works will be displayed independently of its form, size, material, technology, if it arrives as a postcard, a letter or a package. Any other type of work delivered in an envelope or in wrapping also will be exhibited if it not only has a link to the topic of R_EVOLUTION but refers to the mail art as well. Number of works is unlimited.
Mail art can be two or three-dimensional works of art posted 'uncovered' and those put into an envelope (or other 'cover') whether they are drawings, graphics, photos, paintings, art stamps, seal prints, art books, objects or other works of art connected to the topic stated. Feel free to use the most postal elements or extra services possible (spectacular stamps, registered letter, special delivery) in order to decorate your mail art work.The digital catalogue of the exhibition is expected to be seen at in English in October 2006. Beside the pictures of the collection, a photo and the biography of the author will also be included. You are kindly requested to visit
fill in the Information Form and forward it to us by pressing the 'Send' button, by September 1, 2006 at the latest. Information Forms are only accepted via Internet. Only those authors' pieces of works will be included in the catalogue whose photo and biography is also attached.
For more information on the revolution in English:

Mail art works sent to the exhibition becomes the property of the Marcelland International Art Collection.Organizer institutions establish an International Mail Art Award each.Award-winners are given a diploma and have the opportunity for an individual web-exhibition of their works in 2007: the SpanishFlu @rt webroom offers to support the webdesign for 100,000 HUF (or the equivalent value in EUR) for each award.Award-winners are to hold the opening ceremony of their exhibitions in the Ifjúsági és Szabadidő Ház, Miskolc, on the occasion of the premiere of SpanishFlu editions. Deadline of arrival: August 15, 2006. (Art works arriving over the deadline can participate in the exhibition, but will not be included in the catalogue.)
Artistic director of the exhibition: Vass Tibor, editor of the SpanishFlu @rt webroom
R 1956 2006 M A I L A R T

ev o l ut ion H U N G A R Y

Mail art works are to be sent to the address below:

3504 Miskolc
Postafiók: 77


Are diamonds eternal?
Technique: free
Size: post card
Deadline: August 15, 2006

William A.
Rua Mulungú, s/n
Andaraí Chapada Diamantina
CEP 46830-000 Bahia


 “…Keep the ball on the move…” 
Stemming from a snippet of a Quote by Ray Johnson I have proposed to do a Mail Art Project, sending Marbles across the world. I will roll each marble in a performance in Cardiff, Wales UK. Then send the marbles out by mail to different participants. From here I want you to roll the marble and record this action; photo, drawing or simply noted documentation of where the event of the roll happened. Then… Send the documentation back to me and the marble with instructions and details of the journey onto someone else. You will receive documentation on the marble’s journey. If interested in this Mail Art Project please email me your name and address. Thank you so much. Really hope you join the roll!
Alice Evenett

for more information
Deadline: August 15, 2006


By the River  
Mail Artists from around the globe are invited to participate in an International Mail Art Exhibition on the theme "By the River..." that will be shown during the month of September 2006 at the sociocultural institution "Kulturhaus Pusdorf" in Bremen, Germany. Deadline: August 15, 2006. All artworks will also be shown on
Documentation to all participants, Exhibition guaranteed, no returns!
Send artwork in any medium and any size to:

Kulturhaus Pusdorf
z.Hd. Cordula Kagemann
Woltmershauser Str. 444
28197 Bremen


Snailmail World Postcard Art Show 
The 3rd Annual Snail Mail World Postcard Art Show will run from August 25th to September 29th, 2006 at the Artway Gallery.

We want you to exhibit in our Third Annual Snail Mail World Postcard Art Show.
The organizing group of this exhibit, Visual Arts Brampton (VAB), is based out of Brampton, Ontario, Canada, a suburb of Toronto. In the past, VAB has organized The Great Canadian Mail Art Show, which became its in the mail..., exhibited at the Art Gallery of Peel.In its second year, this new exhibition introduces a twist to the normal mail art concept, by limiting it to common postcard size.
Explore all kinds of ideas when creating your entries. The best 1000+ works will go on display at Artway. Artway is in Brampton's leading shopping centre, Shoppers World Brampton. Original or reproduced, as long as it's *exactly* 4x6 postcard sized, we'll include it in our gallery full of international works.
Entries may be in any medium, and be of any topic matter, but may not offend the public, nor include nudity, nor overly religious images, nor violent, nor racist content.  No entry may include full frontal nudity (either gender), nor may it contain overly religious images (such as a crucifixion) , nor may it contain what may deemed by members of the public as explicitly racist content. These conditions are due to the fact that Visual Arts Brampton is a community art group, exhibiting in a high-traffic area of a public mall. While Visual Arts Brampton Artway (organizers of the Snail Mail Show) and Shoppers World (host of the display space) want artists to have full creative license, neither party wishes to offend the general public. While only the front panel of the postcard will be judged, entries may also have illustration on the back. It is advisable that entries be submitted on card stock, or another rigid surface. Entrants may be enter up to 20 entries. All entries will be judged independently of each other, and not as a body or collection of works. Entries must be created by or from the entrant's original artwork. However, works created by the entrant's direct ancestors do qualify, if the entrant's relationship to the artist is clearly noted. Posthumous entries are "okay" under these circumstances. No entry will be returned. Works that do not meet the above criteria will not be presented to the jurors. Entries may be send as postcards, or sent inside envelopes as long as they conform to the 4x6 inch size.,All entries must either be received through the mail system, or hand delivered. ,Deadline:  August 15, 2006. All mailing arrangements and costs are the responsibility of the submitting entrant. Visual Arts Brampton will not accept any collect mailings. Visual Arts Brampton will not be responsible for any works lost or damaged before, during, or after the show.
Accepted Works:  The juror or jurors' decision is final.
No entry may be withdrawn from the exhibit once it has been accepted.
The artist, by submission of entry, grants Visual Arts Brampton and the media the right to photograph the accepted work for publicity, educational and reference purposes. Sequential artworks will be accepted on individual merit, not overall.
On the back, include your full name, your return address, including city and country, and postal/zip code. If you are in a country that has a provinces or states (eg Alberta or Arkansas), we ask that you include this. Include on the left half of the postcard:mthe name of your artwork the medium of your artwork; if the entry is a reproduction, note the work's original medium. We also encourage that you include an artist's statement or description of the piece, to let us learn more about you and your work. If you, the artist, have an e-mail or website that you want listed on the Snail Mail site, you may also include this in the left section.

The Top 16 will win awards, and Top 75 will be published in an online commemorative book.

c/o VAB
1 Bartley Bull Parkway, Suite 10
Brampton, ON
L6W 3T7, Canada


Open call for mail art submissions. What does social justice mean to you? How have you been impacted by social justice or injustice in your own life? I am a social worker and teacher involved in social justice initiatives and interested in how others understand this term. Mail art will be exhibited at the School of Social Work, University of Victoria, Victoria, B.C. Canada in September 2006. Theme: social justice Deadline: August 20, 2006 Format: mail art (ATC's, envelopes, post cards, Artistamps, letters- anything that will fit in the mail box). Feel free to incorporate words, poetry, stories which reflect your thoughts/feelings about this theme. More info, please Email:
No returns include email addy:  Electronic documentation to return addresses

Cheryl Moir-van Iersel
8004 Turgoose Terrace
Saanicthon, B.C.
Canada V8M 1V4


VISAC (Community Gallery & Art Centre), (Trail, British Columbia, Canada) invites you to participate in the Kootenay Region's 1st International Mail Art Exhibit: SHADOW & EVIL IN FAIRYTALES. Artist Gail D. Whitter, coordinator.
All visual/verbal forms of Correspondence/Mail Art welcome, including: letters; concrete/visual poetry; postcards; artwork; add & pass; collages; recycled mail art; photographs; music;  newsletters; artist books, project invitations;  rubberstamps; artist stamps & Artist Trading Cards.
Create in any media.
Maximum Size: A4 (8.5 inches x 11 inches)
Works may be 2-D or 3-D.
Include name & email address.
No jury. No entry fee. No returns.
Documentation to all participants.
Deadline: August 25, 2006
Exhibit will run October 6-31, 2006 in VISAC Gallery, which reserves the right not to display any art that is pornographic or violent  (school children will visit the exhibit).
For more info:

Shadow & Evil in Fairytales
Gail D. Whitter c/o VISAC
1501 Cedar Avenue
Trail, B.C.
Canada V1R 4C7


Animal figures, pictures, paintings, drawings...
For my exhibition please send me all postal objects that deal with any technique based upon the theme animals.
Deadline: August 27, 2006

Helio Sales
SQN 402 N 315
Brasília 70834140


NIKOLA TESLA / Master of Lightening
Maximum size A4
technique: free.
Color catalogue to participants
Deadline:  August 30, 2006.

MF Filimir
11000 Beograd
Studentska 11
SCG Srbija


Has the Internet Killed the Postman?When is Mail art and when is it just mail?Has the Internet Killed the Postman?Contributor freedom: a license to excel or to suck?These are questions that address the nature of the Network. If you have an opinion then express it. All work received will be exhibited at a Mail Art Show in September.Medium: Any Size: Any Deadline: August 30, 2006
(since the work is coming to Australia, please no organic material.... flowers, feathers etc as customs are strict)

PO Box 15
QLD 4054


Time is an artist 
Works on a theme "time is an artist" will appear in samizdat-mail-art-magazine "ZazerKalmius". photo, self-made cards, marks, hand-written books, stamps, visual poetry, etc.Size:  A4 maximum A mail-art exhibition is planned, and after the show, the mailart will be published in one of a number of magazines "ZazerKalmius" and sent to all participants of the project.
Deadline:  August 31, 2006

Irina Logvinova
UI. Svobody, 40
83007 Donetsk



"Sound"  (four perfs)
Sound is all around us, all the time.
free technique, free size
Deadline:  September 1, 2006
Documentation to all
First exhibition in October 2006

Federico Barabino
Jujuy 416
Merlo  (1722)
Buenos Aires


Renewing the Goddess
You are invited to participate in an International Mail Art Exhibit: Renewing the Goddess To be exhibited at the Women's Gathering in October of 2006, at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Princeton, New Jersey, curated by Emily Townsend.All visual/verbal forms of Correspondence/Mail Art welcome, including: letters; concrete/visual poetry; postcards; artwork; collages; recycled mail art; photographs; music; newsletters; artist books, project invitations; rubberstamps; artist stamps and Artist Trading Cards. Media_and_applicant_eligibility: any media. all elligible.
submission_requirements: Maximum Size: A4 (8.5 inches x 11 inches)
Include name & email address.
No entry fee. No returns.
Documentation to all participants
inclusion in a web gallery.
Possible selection of 22 pieces to be in a Goddess Tarot Deck, available for purchase.
place_of_event: Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Princeton, New Jersey
*For those who send Artist Trading Card Artists: Original cards only. If you wish to have us complete a trade for you at the close of the exhibit, you must send an SASE (or IRC) with sufficient return postage.
Deadline: September 1, 2006

Renewing the Goddess Art Call
c/o Emily Townsend
Sapphire Drive
West Windsor, NJ 08550


Symbols of your own 
Please, send me symbols of your own biography. We will present all postal objects, rubberstambs, photographs, collages, drawings and poetry at exhibitions in our house of Artists (Künstlerhaus19).Exhibition will be at 9th of September. Documentation via email! Thank you!For my exhibition please send me all postal objects that deal with any technique.Deadline: September 3, 2006
more info:

Claudia Sawallisch
Künstlerhaus 19
Wasgenstraße 75
14129 Berlin


Alyonka Mail Art Project
Artists from around the world are invited to create mail artworks inspired by the little Russian girl Alyonka, symbolized since 1966 when first used as an image on a brand of chocolate in Russia.  Use this image:
or (Google her name for examples)
The first "Alyonka" mail art show will be exhibited in October 2006 in the Yoshkar-Ola Museum of Fine Arts.
Deadline September 15, 2006
Works for the exhibition are collected by mailartist Ivan Zemtsov:

P.O.Box 28

424037 Russia


Give me a sign  
homemade postcard of square format
size free up to 20 x 20 cm... Please send the postcard *without* an envelope
Free techniques and media
A sign = one sign... not a text nor a picture. Sorry, the solution is left to you...  (Use the back of the postcard as you like - stamp and address on any side)
Homepage URL:

Works will be exhibited on line as far as I manage to do it, but in any case at the above address in October 2006
No selection, no return
Documentation if work relevant to the project and sender's address written.
(You may let me know your email address by writing to mine:
"jan_o_neel at hotmail dot com" - I won’t publish yours but will contact you it in case of new projects.)
Deadline: September 15, 2006
Info: jan_o_neel arrobase hotmail point com

36 rue de Québec
62100 CALAIS


THE BEATLES forever 
free size
no returns
no fee, no jury
doc. to participants
deadline:  September 15, 2006
all works must be sent by post with postage stamps
e-mail for more info:



For my exhibition please send me all postal objects that deal with any technique.
Deadline:  September 15, 2006
More info:



True Confession 
Homepage URL:
mailart and/or written confessions to be used in art exhibition.
work submitted will be posted online and possibly used for additional art projects.
Deadline:  September 30, 2006
If you want your confession to remain anonymous please do not include your contact information.

True Confession
87 Sparkhall Avenue
Toronto, Ontario
M4K 1G7 Canada


The Berlin Mail Art/ists Lexicon
Send project- or event-documents, biographical material and photos on famous mailartists and last but not least on yourself
DIN A4 panel format (29,7 x 21 cm)
For my archive please send me any medium that deal with any technique.
Deadline: September 30, 2006
Kunstbibliothek der Staatlichen Museen zu Berlin
Dr. Anita Kühnel
Matthäikirchplatz 6
10785 Berlin


Summer relaxation weather is finally here. Swimming pools with the structures "sunflower" open gradually as ladybugs would open their wings for take-off during the summer. All that attracts you, particularly after work... One morning, you take shirt and bath towel in your bag. This evening, it is decided, you will plunge in the great bath Swimming-pool - to the swimming pool... Swimmers and bathers with the public swimming pool, sights subaqueous since the bottom of the basin...
Free technique and format.
Documentation to all participants
As much as possible (if I am not drowned by the quantity of your mail-art inspirations), I hope to send in return on the same topic or not (the suggestions of tracks are welcome)...
Deadline: September 30, 2006

5 rue de l’Illberg


Format: Postcard
Technique: Any
Deadline: September 30, 2006
Am seeking mail art related to shame.
Please send handmade postcard, anonymously, if preferred, sharing what you are most ashamed of.
Mail art is to be included in a book about shame.
Am currently seeking exhibit space to display the collection of artwork related to this topic.
More info:

Juliann M.
POB 513
Haddonfield, NJ  08033


Minibooks, the size that can fit in one hand. 
Any political theme.
The books will be exhibited at the annual "Book Arts Jam"  October 14, 2006.
This one-day event at Foothill College, Los Altos Hills CA., is sponsored by the Bay Area Book Artists group.

You will receive mailart in return and documentation of the exhibit.
Deadline Sept 30, 2006
more info:

Any books already received for the "PEACE- NO MORE WAR" mailart project, will also be included in this exhibit.

Pati Bristow
BOX 3127
Los Altos, CA  94024


4"x6" postcard
any media
include name and email address for documentation
no returns
exhibit runs Nov, Dec, 2006, Ottawa Canada
For my exhibition please send me only postcards that deal with any technique.
Deadline: October 1, 2006
more info:

Bev Gowe
453 Cooper St, #810
Ottawa, Ontario
Canada K2P 0H1


Free your imagination
Send your stamp and envelope in the size and format you prefer to the address below.
Deadline: October 15, 2006.
Web Gallery:

Special Edition of the review L’INFORMAZIONE DEL COLLEZIONISTA (Dec. 2006) with the documentation

Claudio Romeo
Via le Kennedy, 144
20050 Villa Raverio (Mi)


The photographic in postcard format
TECHNIQUE: Photography in all its artistic variants (photographs- black and white color or digital printed, alternative techniques)
SIZE: Postal size and all its variants
EXHIBITION: November of 2006
DOCUMENTATION: to all participants
Deadline: October 20, 2006

Calle 33 # 355 x prol. Montejo y calle 30
Col. Emiliano Zapata nte.
Mérida, Yucatán
México.C.P. 97129


Please send mailart (of any size or medium) that illustrates luck (or lucklessness!)
Documentation to all
Online exhibit of all entries
Deadline:  November 1, 2006

PO Box 19058
Bloor Street West
Toronto, ON


We invite each artist to respond with a design of the flag of your country, that expresses its cultural identity.
On the basis of your flag, you may design it with different elements.
FREE format
Place of Exhibition: Coffee of the Inn

documentation of the event to participants
more info:

Deadline: NOVEMBER 15, 2006

Karla Mata - Roberto Pasc


Recollection From 1987 to 2007  
A mail art call for artistamps to exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest in April 2007, from the archivists at the Artistamp Museum of Artpool.  Júlia and György Galántai present "Recollection".. the retrieval of memory.  It is not a passive process; people employ metacognitive strategies to make the best use of their memory, and priming and other context can have a large effect on what is retrieved.
No judgment.
Submitted materials, after having been displayed at the exhibition in the Museum of Fine Arts and documented on the website, will be stored in the Artistamp Museum of Artpool.

Deadline of submission: November 26, 2006

more info:

Artpool Art Research Center
H -1277 Budapest 23
Pf.52  Hungary


theme free
free size
no returns
no fee, no jury
doc. to participants
deadline:  November 30, 2006
all works must be sent by post with postage stamps
e-mail for more info:



Works in format maximum A4
Documentation to all. I will send a catalogue that will be printed in black and white, therefore I ask you to consider the reproduction of your work.
Deadline: NOVEMBER 30, 2006

Adriano Pasquali
via Campiglio 13
20133 Milano


COFFEE - how does it make you feel? 
CALL: Postcard sized mailart
DEADLINE: December 1, 2006
more info:

Homepage URL:

EXHIBIT: month of March 2007 at Day's Espresso & Coffee Bar, Bardstown Road, Louisville, Kentucky USA
SEND: postcard sized mailart with your email address to

C. Lou
5501 Billtown Road
Louisville, KY 40299


send three 3 ARTISTAMPS
3.5 cm by 4.0 cm or smaller
any theme or shape
They will be displayed on the Shopping Trolley Gallery-UK at the January 07 Field Study meeting and also in my website.
Deadline: December 1, 2006
More info:

Box 108





Via Giusti 3


All media;
No returns; No fees;
No jury;
Max. Size A4;
Doc. to all.
International Art Project of "Catarinense Human Rights Society" and "Museum of International Contemporary Art".
Deadline: December 10, 2006.

Dórian Ribas Marinho
Caixa Postal n. 676
Florianópolis (SC)
BRASIL 88010-970


"Holy Cow"  
Please make your artwork kid friendly
Exhibition December 22 In Kids Art Space
Postcards please
Deadline:  no later than December 15, 2006
Online Gallery and possible Catalogue sent to participating artists

Taraka Tee
PO BOX 145
Indooroopilly 4068
Queensland, Australia


The World of Jazz 
Format:  Post-card preferred.
Size:  A4 maximun
All the works received will be exhibited.
After their exhibition, the works will be transferred to CANC
The exhibition will take place in the "Julio Romero de Torres" room at CANC,during the 26th edition of the Terrassa Jazz Festival
in 2007
Documentation will be sent to all participants
Deadline: December 20, 2006

Convocatoria "El Mundo del Jazz"
Huelva 35
08226-Terrassa (Barcelona)


Brain Cell  
Please send me your stamp design, rubberstamp, or 150 artistamps, stickers or seals.
I will print or paste these materials onto the A3 size paper, creating 150 sheets.
I will then send a sheet back with a list of addresses to each participant.
I will publish at intervals of 8 to 10 days at that time will include 60 people or so.
Brain Cell is always seeking a change, does not intend to settle and care of it’s extension of the Network. So... don’t mail a lump of stuff for several issues. Please send them to me one issue at a time, Thank you!
Deadline:  December 21, 2006

Ryosuke Cohen

Brain Cell
3-76-1-A-613 Yagumokitacho
Moriguchi City
Osaka 570


Human bodies, particularities, details, differences... one work will be selected for the cover of a book scheduled for 2007.
Replies with certificates for all.
For my exhibition please send me only postcards that deal with any technique based upon the theme.
more info:

Deadline: December 25, 2006
Hélio Sales Jr
2664 E 21 St.  2nd floor
Brooklyn, NY 11235


My city and I!  
List of contacts for all the participants
Works for exhibition
free size
using any technique.
Deadline: December 27, 2006

Jaime Dosan
"Minha cidade e Eu!"
CP 121 - Centro - Cuiabá - MT


Peace - No More War 
any size, any media
documentation at
mailart in return
Deadline:  December 31, 2006

Pati Bristow
PO Box 3127
Los Altos, CA  94024


Experimental love project 
Send us your love experience
All techniques
Free size
Answer to all + Web documentation
Exhibition at the L-O-V-E- gallery
(Leave Out the Violent Experience)

Deadline: December 31, 2006

jNantes 2007
Xyb at L-O-V-E-
8/2 rue de Constantine
F-59000 Lille


The House of Memories - a new project for 2006/7  
You are invited to contribute your memories to this exhibition to be shown online and offline in a London based gallery later on in 2006. Media: photographs, text works, collages, poems, letters, stamps, emails, newsletters, press cuttings, 3D objects.
No object to be larger than 15 inches in any direction.
Deadline: December 31, 2006
more info:

Gandha Key
The House of Memories Project
6 Grenville Road
London N19 4EH


send me a card with any technique
FORMAT CM 10X15 Or 10X21.

Deadline:  DECEMBER 31, 2006
MORE info:

Emanuele Zuffo
Via G, Rossa 42/11/A
17027 Piebra Ligure (SV)


When X is Y?  
Is that my bike chain squeaking or a bird chirping?
illusions, re-interpretations, you decide and I post to

For my project please send me any medium that deals with any technique.
I will send an original piece of mail art in return to anyone who participates.
Deadline:  December 31, 2006
email for info:
485 W Centennial Blvd #24
Springfield, OR  97477


Yelabuga-my love pics 
Yelabuga is a small russian town. It is situated on the river Kama. Yelabuga is the native town of the famous russian artist Ivan Shishkim. The famous russian poet Marina Tzvetaeyva spent the last days of her life in Yelabuga. Yelabuga will celebrate its 1000th anniversary in 2007. My mail art project is the present to my favorite town I will be so happy if you take part in my project.
Deadline: December 31, 2006

Valery Shimanovsky
36-25 Khimikov st
Russia 423578


Small Art Project 
Comments: Hello and welcome to the Small Art Project. In this project, we invite you to send us your artwork and photos, which we will document here at this website. We hope to show small art objects from around the world. The rules are as follows:
1) All items contributed must be flat, and measure exactly 5cm x 5cm (2 inches x 2 inches.)
2) Items sent to the Small Art project will not be returned. They will be put into the Small Art Archive.
3) Items must not contain nudity or vulgarity whatsoever, Please keep it clean - this is a website for Small Art.
4) Please send all items by postal mail. Digital art is welcome, but please print it first and send it by post.
Deadline:  December 31, 2006
more info:
Attn: Small Art Project
PO Box 28511
Spokane, WA  99228


Surreale Poesie 
Size: postcard
technique: free
documentation to participants
exhibition in Berlin
For my exhibition please send me all postal objects that deal with any technique.
more info:

Deadline: December 31, 2006

Joachim Buchholz
Rathaus Str. 90
12105 Berlin


No Meat Today!!!
How do you feel about meat consumption
do you eat meat/why/or don't you
do you think about the animals being killed for you
do you believe you can live without meat at all
let me know your honest opinion/thanks
For my project please send me all postal objects that deal with any technique.

Deadline:  January 1, 2007
Halvemaanstraat 113
9040 Gent


The measure of ...
The measure of hope, life, friendship, success and spirit 
Max Size DIN A-4
No return
No selection
Docs for all participants
Deadline: January 31, 2007

Kris & Lola
Obispo 4, bajo
10600 Plasencia


any piece of art in which the colors you use say as much about the piece as the art on it. use your most inspiring, powerful, brilliant colors.
For my archive please send me any medium that deal with any technique.
Deadline: February 2, 2007

Mahima Shrestha
Box 148


theme free
free size
no returns
no fee, no jury
doc. to participants
deadline:  February 15, 2007
all works must be sent by post with postage stamps
e-mail for more info:



1. Project description THE BICYCLE February 28, 2007
It doesn't pollute, it doesn't make any noise, it's harmless. It's never in the way, it uses renewable energy, it's healthy. It's the most rational, economical and fastest vehicle for short and medium distance in the city. Most of our cities' future is based on the daily and the public use of the bicycle. Riding a bicycle it's a choice that could be far-seeing: looking to new energy scenarios, to the cities of tomorrow and to the way our future generations will move and breathe. We invite you to celebrate the bicycle in order to promote a sustainable future.
2. Medium and sizes: free
3. Deadline: February 28, 2007
4. Materials received wil not be returned
5. Travelling Exhibition into Bologna province during the 2007 spring.
6. At the opening of the exhibition, performances and poetic actions will be shown and a bicycle tour will be organized along the locations hosting the exhibition.
7. Documentation to the participants - Many thanks in advance
8. Organization: Bibě Bellini (Giornalista e ciclista) e ATREBATES (Galleria d'arte) in collaborazione con : ANTARTIDE Centro Studi e Comunicazione Ambientale

FIAB: Federazione Italiana amici della bicicletta

via De Amicis 35/37
40050 Dozza (BO)


Technic and size: FREE
Deadline: MARCH 17, 2007
Documentation to all


Iwona Suchanska-Himik
ul.Bonczyka 2/22
51-138 Wroclaw


Size: 10cm x 10cm x 10cm triangle
Medium: Any
Deadline: April 1, 2007
Documentation to all.

Public exhibition in Budapest during September 2007
Thank you!

Báthori u. 1.


I got the idea at the festival when Pete Spence labeled him and me as the "last 2 laughing agnostics". Laughter is a serious weapon of resistance in the hand of the poor verses the powerful. I invented the stamp "smiling is the rebellion of the poor", so it's a topic that is already a long time in my head. The emperor is naked when you make fun of him. Everybody knows that. Why do you think that the Dalai Lama is always smiling and not the Chinese leaders in their red free market paradises build on the corpses of dead miners?
Free size and medium as usual.
You can send me fun stuff, laughing or smiling self portraits and portraits, red nose communications (thank you Zois & Lynn), group portraits of smiling buffoons for peace, clowns united for peace performances, tape me your laughter and mail it to me so I can make a compilation and so on... The danger of laughter was the essence of Eco's In the name of the rose. I'm sure that you'll find many connections yourself if you reflect on the issue.
Deadline is April Fools Day 2007... April, 1, 2007
Exhibition and documentation in the form of another blog.
Have FUN, as much as you can, and those who take themselves too seriously: beware! because you'll be hit by flying pastries (a Belgian specialty by the way....)

Guido Vermeulen
Vincottestreet 81
B-1030 Brussels


Documentation to all participants.
All received works will be part of a collective exposition in the month of July of 2007, in the city of Salvador-BA.
free size, using any technique.
Deadline: April 30, 2007
more info:

Pedro Costa
cp 2864
Salvador-BA CEP 40080-970


As only water separates us, the fish has become our symbol of missing and longing, of desperation and hope, of love, desire and union. Frantic lives just meters away from the Atlantic and stares day in, day out at the horizon of the ocean..  Antic-ham, when walking along her river in Seoul can feel the wind coming from the west, and hear the message of the fish. Soon both will become fish and unite in the waters.  Already in early religions, the fish was a symbol of desire, union and fecundity, as well as a symbol of the power of the female sexuality, through a multitude of goddesses with fish symbols, or mermaids, nymphs and water spirits.
Send one or more fish artworks
Postcard size.
Color catalogue to all participants.
possible exhibitions.
Deadline: April 30, 2007
Send to address of your choice, or to both

Frantic Fan Mail
Dugort, Achill Island
County Mayo

Anticham (Kim Hye Mee)
Gangnamgu Gaepo 2 Dong
# 3 APT. 310-510
Seoul  135-800
South Korea 


Cesare Pavese: the hills and the sun
Cesare Pavese Foundation organizes a MAIL ART PROJECT titled Cesare Pavese: the hills and the sun... Inspired by the famous Italian writer author of “La luna e I falo”, “Il diavolo sulle colline”, “Paesi tuoi”, and many others. The sunny hills of Langa always remained in his mind... they melded with his mystical and nostalgic childhood memories. He was always attempting to isolate himself from others, to chase butterflies and birds, to explore the mysterious woods….
We are glad to inform you of the great success of this project
We will be able to publish a catalogue with all works received on the occasion of Cesare Pavese’s Centenary in 2008.
We give you notice of new deadline:  December 31, 2007!!!
Materials - techniques: free
Size: free
No Jury, No Return
Docs To All Participants

Centro Studi Cesare Pavese
Mr Franco Vaccaneo
Piazza della Confraternita 1-
12058 Santo Stefano Belbo (Cuneo)


Adults Who Play With Crayons
Please send detailed drawings done in crayon for a large International Mail Art Show.
Landscapes, portraits, political, surreal drawings, abstract etc...all done in crayon.
Photographers must include crayons in their photos.
Size: open
Deadline: November 1, 2007
All works to be displayed at The Lawrence Heritage State Park Art Gallery in Lawrence, Massachusetts in December 2007.
Documentation to all participants.
No returns.
Please keep drawings suitable for all ages.
more info:

Sharon Silverman
P.O. Box 1212
Haverhill, MA 01831




Anyone can issue a mailart call,

JUST email your call to:-





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